Abrigos Y Chaquetas Del Liverpool 2023/2023

In the afternoon we had free time to go shopping. Then we had free time until dinner and everybody did what they wanted. At night we had dinner in a Chinese restaurant again, in China town, this time, but in this case, the food wasn’t very good. We all met up in the city and decided to go to a buffet in a Chinese restaurant. A guide told us about the city as we moved around it. After the tour, the bus transformed into a boat and went into the water. It was a really touristic experience and we laughed a lot, the guide had a really British sense of humour, telling typically English jokes all the time. We found a big store called Primark, where clothes are really cheap. I couldn’t believe it, it was really full, with lots of people drinking and dancing. Each person took their own food away with them. It was funny because after that it was as if every table was having a party, but by the end we were fed up with it. They also cooked in front of us, but before this the cook did his own performance using knives, eggs and various other kitchen tools.

By the end of the day I was exhausted. The next day was very cold and we took a train to Manchester. We spent all day there and returned to Liverpool at 7 o’clock in the evening. The British dinner timetable is history since we started at more or less 9 o’clock in the evening and there were still people arriving even then. It was the last night and we had to wake up at 3.30 in the morning so we decided to have dinner in the hotel. It was as if it had come out of a Harry Potter film. The only thing was that we had to wait a while. On the first day, after we’d settled into the hotel, we went to Albert’s Dock. The next day, we took a train to Chester. After this I went to bed, but some people took advantage of Liverpool’s night life. This is where we took the «Yellow Duckmarine», a sort of combined bus and boat. They visited «The Cavern», where the Beatles first played together. It was a nice tour because we saw a lot of things we wouldn’t normally have visited.

It’s a nice town and has an interesting history. The quality isn’t very good but it’s a good place to buy basics such as t-shirts and socks. The food was good and we watched a show. There were plenty of people, as usual, and the food was quite good. It was awful because the waiter and waitress weren’t very polite. My group decided to order a pizza on the way to the hotel because we didn’t want to go back to have food. Then he lit the grill which burst into a huge flame. After the tour we ate in a pub. After that I went home. After that, they sang happy birthday to somebody. Si Usted no recoge los productos de nosotros como estaba organizado, o si después de entrega fallada no reorganiza otra entrega o no recoge los productos del almacén, les vamos a contactar para más instrucciones y podemos cobrarle para gastos de almacenamiento y otros gastos adicionales. La firma de moda, que ayer abría dos nuevos puntos de venta de la mano de El Corte Inglés en Valencia, inaugura otros dos establecimientos en el mercado mexicano.

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